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Papers Published

*:TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2014          Tuberculosis Surveillance Center (TSC),RIT,JATA

*4:Tuberculosis Treatment and Treatment Outcome    Kekkaku 91(6):551-559,2016

*3:Case Finding and Condition of Tuberculosis Patients on Diagnosis    Kekkaku 91(5):519-525,2016

*2:Tuberculosis in Pediatric and Elderly Patients    Kekkaku 91(4):481-487,2016

*1:Summary of Statistics on Tuberculosis Notification and Foreign-born Tuberculosis Patients    Kekkaku 91(2):83-90,2016 

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77)Kunihiko ITO:   Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis infection with a Combination of Isoniazid and Rifampicin, Kekkaku91(10);641-655,2016

76)Kunihiko ITO:   Frequency and Risk Factors of Severe Liver Dysfunction in Isoniazid Mono-Therapy for Latent Tuberculosis Infection, Kekkaku91(9);607-616,2016

75)Kunihiko ITO:  Liver Toxicity Due to Rifampicin Monoerapy in Latent Tuberculosis Infection, Kekkaku91(5);509-513,2016

74)Lisa KAWATSU:  A Systematic Review on the Prevalence and Incidence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Prison Population, Kekaku91(4);457-464,2016

73)Tadao SHIMAO:   Peculiarity of National Tuberculosis Program, Japan Kekkaku91(2);69-74,2016

72) Lisa kawatsu: Profile of tuberculosis among the foreignborn population in Japan, 2007-2014 WPSAR Vol 7,No2,2016/doi:10.5365/wpsar.2016.7.1.008

*:TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2013         Tuberculosis Surveillane Center (TSC),RIT,JATA

*4:Tuberculosis Treatment and Treatment Outcomes    Kekkaku 90(7)595-604,2015

*3:Case Finding and Condition of Tuberculosis on Diagnosis    Kekkaku 90(6):553-559,2015

*2:Tuberculosis in Pediatric and Elderly Patients    Kekkaku 90(5):515-521,2015

*1:Summary of Tuberculosis Notification Statistics and Foreign-born Tuberdculosis Patients     Kekkaku 90(3):437-443,2015

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page

71) L. Kawatsu: Can social network analysis assist in the prioritisation of contacts in a tuberculosis contact investigation?  INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 19(11):1293-1299© 2015 The Union

70) Akihiro OHKADO: Factors associated with changes in the number of latent TB infection notifecations in Japan: Nationwide survey findings  Kekkaku90(10);657-663,2015

69) Toru MORI: Ninety years of the Japanese society for TB  Kekkaku90(9);641-652,2015

68) Lisa KAWATSU: Effect of educational leaflets on knowledge and attitude to TB among homeless persons in Tokyo, Japan  Kekkaku90(8);613-618,2015

67) L.Kawatsu: Overview of the tuberculosis burden in prison institutions in Japan, 2000-2012  INT J TUBERC DIS 19(8):921-926

66) Kunihiko ITO: Increase in the number of infants with Koch phenomenon after BCG vaccination  Kekkaku90(3);421-424,2015

65) Lisa KAWATSU: Risk groups for TB in Japan: analysis of relative risk and population attributable fraction  Kekkaku90(3);395-400,2015

64) K.Uchimura: Permanent employment or public assistance may increase tuberculosis survival among working-age patients in Japan  INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 19(3):312-318

*:TUBERUCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORTS 2012           Tuberculosis Surveillance Center(TSC),RIT,JATA  

*4:Tuberculosis Treatment and Outcomes   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(12):825-834,2014

*3:Case Finding and Condition of Tuberculosis on Diagnosis   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(10):787-793,2014

*2:Childhood and Elderly Tuberculosis   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(7):673-678,2014

*1:Summary of Tuberculosis Notification Statistics and Foreign-born Tuberculosis Patients    icon_pdf5.gifKekkaku 89(6):619-625,2014

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page.

63)Toru MORI: Considerations on uses of newly developed anti-TB drugs for multi-drug resistant TB  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(11);813-815,2014

62)Kunihiko ITO: Importance of monitoring the drug dosage and treatment duration for the management of TB patients at public health centers  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(10);771-776,2014

61)Kunihiko ITO: Investigation of a new treatment outcome index for TB  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(9);731-736,2014

60)Lisa KAWATSU: Socio-economic factors that influence TB death among the youth and middle-aged population:a systematic review   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(5):547-554,2014

59)Tadao SHIMAO: Speculation on reasons why co-infection of TB and HIV is rather rare in Japan  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 89(2):57-60,2014

*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORTS 2011           Tuberculosis Surveillance Center(TSC),RIT,JATA 

*4:Tuberculosis Treatment and Treatment Outcomes  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(9):677-686,2013

*3:Case Finding and Condition of Tuberculosis on Diagnosis  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(8):639-645,2013

*2:Childhood and Elderly Tuberculosis  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(7):611-616,2013

*1:Summary of Tuberculosis Notification Statistics and Tuberculosis in Foreign Nationals  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkakku 88(6):571-576,2013

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page.

*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORTS 2010             Tuberculosis Surveillance Center(TSC),RIT,JATA  

*10:Treatment Outcome  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(5):491-495,2013

*9:Treatment of Tuberculosis-2-   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(4):439-443,2013

*8:Treatment of Tuberculosis-1- icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(3):311-314,2013

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page.

58) Kunihiko ITO: Use of regular check-ups after completion of treatment for latent TB infection  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 88(9):653-658,2013

57) Kazuhiro Uchimura: Characteristics and treatment outcomes of tuberculosis cases by risk groups,Japan,2007-2010  icon_pdf5.gif WPSAR Vol 4,No1,2013/doi: 10.5365/wpsar.2012.3.4.016


*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2010         Tuberculosis Surbeillance Center(TSC),RIT,JATA          

*7:Tuberculosis Characteristics upon Diagnosis-2-   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(12):783-787,2012

*6:Tuberculosis Characteristics upon Diagnosis-1-   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(11):743-746,2012

*5:Case Finding  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(10):681-685,2012

*4:Tuberculosis in the Elderly icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(9):585-589,2012

*3:Childhood Tuberculosis   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(8):549-553,2012

*2:Tuberculosis in Foreign Nationals  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(7):507-511,2012

*1:Summary of Tuberculosis Notification Staistics in 2010 icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(6):481-485,2012

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*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2009           Tuberculosis Surbeillance Center(TSC),RIT,JATA 

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page

*10:Treatment Outcome and TB Deaths  Kekkaku 87(5):415-419,2012
* 9:Treatment of TB(2)  Kekkaku 87(4):351-355,2012
* 8:Treatment of TB(1)  Kekkaku 87(2):57-60,2012


56) Seiya KATO,Kunihiko ITO, Toshio TAKATORIGE, Akihiro OHKADO, Keiji TANAKA, and Nobukatsu ISHIKAWA: Medical service systems for TB in low-incidence countries.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(9):577-584,2012 

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54) Kunihiko ITO, Yoko NAGATA, Minako URAKAWA, and Seiya KATO: Nationwide survey of suitability of TB wards for in-hospital care of TB patients.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(6):475-480,2012 

53) Chairpersons: Nobukatsu ISHIKAWA and Naohiro NAGAYAMA: TB care and new horizon of Japanese society.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(4):367-381,2012 

52) Masako OHMORI, Akira SHIMOUCHI, Kunihiko ITO, Kazuhiro UCHIMURA, Takashi YOSHIYAMA, and Satoshi MITARAI: The background of drug-resistant TB patients on the basis of the annual report database for 2007-2009 in Japan.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(4):357-365,2012 

51) Kunihiko ITO, Yohko NAGATA, Minako URAKAWA, and Seiya KATO: Nationwide survey of the use of class 2 infectious disease beds for in-hospital care of TB patients.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 87(2):51-55,2012

*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2009         Tuberculosis Surveillance Center,RIT,JATA

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page

*7:Series 7. Condition of TB(2)  Kekkaku 86(11):883-887,2011
*6:Series 6. Condition of TB(1)  Kekkaku 86(10):835-838,2011
*5:Series 5. Case Findings  Kekkaku 86(9):787-791,2011
*4:Series 4. Elderly TB  Kekkaku 86(7):737-741,2011
*3:Series 3. Childhood TB  Kekkaku 86(5):553-556,2011
*2:Series 2. TB in Foreigners  Kekkaku 86(4):477-480,2011
*1:Series 1. Summary of TB Notification Statistics in 2009  Kekkaku 86(2):127-130,2011


50) Chairpersons: Nobuyuki HARADA and Yoshihiko HOSHINO: New movement of IGRA  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 86(12):983-1003,2011 

49) Chairperson: Toru MORI: The east Japan earthquake and Tsunami disaster and TB.  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 86(12):933-943,2011 

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46) Kunihiko ITO: Legal enforcement for non-adherent TB patients  icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 86(4):459-471,2011

*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2008         Tuberculosis Surveillance Center,RIT,JATA

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page

*10:Series 10. Treatment Outcome and TB Deaths    Kekkaku 85(8):683-686,2010
*9:Series 9. Treatment of TB(2)    Kekkaku 85(7):643-646,2010
*8:Series 8. Treatment of TB(1)    Kekkaku 85(6):561-564,2010
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*4:Series 4. Elderly TB   Kekkaku 85(1):61-64,2010

45) Hitoshi HOSHINO, Seiya KATO, and Nobukatsu ISHIKAWA:Recent case-finding activities of school children in Japan   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 85(12):839-844,2010

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38) Kunihiko ITO: Integration of tuberculosis care into general hospitals in the United States   icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 85(7):615-630,2010

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34) Kazuro IWAI,Shinji MAEDA, and Yoshirou MURASE: Archaeology of tubercle vacilli and tuberculosis    icon_pdf5.gif Kekkaku 85(5): 465-475,2010 

*TUBERCULOSIS ANNUAL REPORT 2008          Tuberculosis Surveillance Center,RIT,JATA

**For more information please see the Annual Reports page

*Series 3. Childhood TB  Kekkaku 84(12):795-798,2009
*Series 2. TB in Foreigners  Kekkaku 84(11):743-746,2009
*Series 1. Summary of TB Notification Statistics in 2008  Kekkaku 84(10):693-896,2009

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